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Assemblies and shipments

  • Assembly of investment units
  • Reconstruction of all types of boiler-houses
  • Common repair and reconstruction of boilers
  • Assembly, repair and reconstruction of gas distribution, vapour etc.
  • Assembly, repair and reconstruction of boiler house equipment, such as: water services, water preparing plants, gas heat control stations, heat exchangers, economizers, hot-air towers, hot-water apparatuses etc.
  • Professional boiler inspections
  • Consultant service reconstruction and building of boiler-houses
  • Technical expertises
  • Revision of gas boilers and pressure vessels
  • Training

Malt roaster, Poland


 Filtr pro ČD Česká Třebová

Filter for ČD Česká Třebová


Overhaul of boiler Praga 8, Uherské Hradiště


Overhaul of grate R25, Nymburk






 Reserve boiler-house with boilers OKP 25


 Reserve boiler-house with boilers OKP 25


 Assembly of boiler VK 25


Assembly of boiler VK 25






Waste-heat boiler

 Cooling microtower

 Emulsion service






Gas service of boiler-house

 Units of aromatic hydrocarbons

 Assembly of boiler VK 12






Malt roaster

 Boiler-house with boilers OKP 20







Overthrow rotors of boiler VK 12