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Hot-water apparatuses, hot-air towers, waste-heat boilers

Hot-water apparatuses

Hot-water apparatuses use the heat from outgoing flue gases of the boiler. This kind of hot-water apparatuses increases efficiency of all types of boilers.


Hot air towers

Heat exchangers are designed for the use of heating gas boilers and furnaces where there is a need for warm air.



Waste-heat boilers

The waste-heat boilers are water-tube, they can be used up to 1100°C. Boiler's power depends on quantity and flue gases temperature Hot-water tube boiler - range of power 0,2 -10 MW. Steam water-tube boiler - range of power 0,1 t.h-1 - 50 t.h-1 . Construction and manufacture according to EN, ASME, GOST, AD2000 Merkblatt, ČSN.