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Manufacturing of Boilers

The large volume of manufacturing creates extensive assortment of equipment and spare parts for assembly, repair, reconstruction of boilers and pressure parts, such as diaphragmal walls, chambers, superheaters, economizers, bent pipes and other pressure parts for all various types of boilers.

Welding is performed by oxyacetylene flame, stick electrode, TIG, MIG and MAG, including orbital welding Polysoude PS406. The pipes are bent by a special semi-automatic machine with DN 22 -108 mm, radius 2-10 x DN and bending angle 1-180°.  We also produce of special products reducing pipes ends, chambers, drums (material thickness as much as 42 mm). Iron-plate products to a thickness of 38mm are burned on plasma semi-automatic mashine Arrow. To improve production we use CNC machine.

We manufacture boiler accessories such as: smoke flues, air channels, iron platforms, scoria's crushers, fire grates, conveyers, storing reservoirs, water softeners, coal feeders, silencers of burners, steel constructions etc.