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Pressure vessels, feed reservoirs, cylinders

  • design and construction work in the field of pressure vessels etc. 
  • strength calculations, manufacturing documentation of pressure and non-pressurized vessels according to EN 13445, ASME, GOST, AD2000 Merkblatt, ČNS 690010.
  • supply of pressure vessels and exchangers according to our or the customer's documentation
  • production of vessels according to EN 13445, ASME, GOST, AD2000 Merkblatt, ČNS 690010.
  • supply of spare parts for pressure vessels
  • assembly, repair and reconstruction of pressure vessels
  • revision and tests of pressure vessels
  • Counseling


Manufacturing possibilities of pressure vessels: 
Max. diameter of vessel 3m
Max. thickness of material 50mm
Max. high 20 m
Max. weight 20t