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References 2013


Teplárna Otrokovice, a.s. – manufacturing and supply of a blower control system for boiler K3.                                         04/2013

GANED Energy s.r.o. – rebuilding of a steam boiler type BK 6 to a hot water boiler plus installation of a new automatics of the burner PHZ 420 in Karvina´s Hospital.                                                                                                                           05/2013

GANED Energy s.r.o. modification of steam boiler BK 6 to a hot-water boiler, exchange of burner automatic PHZ 420.   05/2013 

Žďas, a.s. – repair of steam boiler preassure parts of the boiler brand ČKD DUKLA OKP-25.                                             07/2013        

SP Power s.r.o. – manufacturing of pressure parts for project „Displacement of 2 pcs of burners by low-emission burners".                                                                                                                                                                                   07/2013

Žďas, a.s. – repair of burners automatics for boiler K7 (supply of a new control unit AUTOFLAME MK7/WL EVO, pressure sensors brand AUTOFLAME, flame safeguard brand AUTOFLAME, flue gas measuring unit EGA brand AUTOFLAME and others).                                                                                                                                                                                       07/2013

Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. – supply and assembling of automatic boiler blowdown (25 t/h 2.3 MPa, 380°C) consisting of a blowdown control unit, a conductivity probe, a motorized blowdown valve and others accessories.               07/2013

Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. – manufacturing and assembling of a light sugar juice tank (ø3000 mm x 4590 mm) equipped with degasser (ø1500 mm), plus manufacturing and assembling of a heavy sugar juice tank (ø3000 mm x 4590 mm) equipped with degasser (ø1600 mm).                                                                                                                             08/2013

Cukrovar Vrbátky, a.s. – repair of boiler VK-25t/h grate.                                                                                                       08/2013

ENERGO-PRO a.s. – supply of heat exchange cooler.                                                                                                           08/2013

Tereos TTD a.s. – manufacturing and assembling of water heater.                                                                                        08/2013

SPH-SLUŽBY, s.r.o. – exchange of piped pressure part of boiler SHARS-1160.                                                                   08/2013

Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. – steam pipeline repair.                                                                                                   09/2013

VAMOZ – servis, a.s. – general repair of boilers K1 and K2 KDVE 40.                                                                                  12/2013

TON-ENERGO, a.s. – elaboration of a project building control documentation for a new boiler construction in boiler house of TON a.s.                                                                                                                                                                               12/2013

I.J.M. Bohemia, a.s. – manufacturing of water-pipe economizer DV80.                                                                                 12/2013 

Dalkia Česká republika, a.s. – feed water heater repair of boilers K3 and K4.                                                                      12/2013