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Viz References.  Reference 2010-2015 

We would like to inform some of our key projects, that we have had in the past few years, indicating the place of execution and execution date.

Starobrno a.s. – Brewery Hostar in Znojmo – general repair of steam boiler BK-6.                                            

I.J.M. Bohemia a.s. Kolín – Production and supply of 2 pcs of gas burners Moraviaflame-typ AVP 3.

Dalkia Ostrava – boiler house STS in Přerov  - The addition of equipment for operation of unattended boilers.

Easter sugar Česká republika – Sugar refinery in Němčice nad Hanou  - general repair of steam boiler OKP 16 K – 4, including the production of necessary components.

Moravskoslezské cukrovary a.s. Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou – Manufacture, supply and installation of a piece with supply tank degasifier.

Cukrovary TTD a.s. Dobrovice – Manufacture, supply, installation and comissioning of 2 units of AVP 10 burners with a control system Autoflame for boiler KTK 25 t/hr.

Cukrovary TTD, a.s. Dobrovice – Design modifications to superheater of boiler KTK 25 t/hr. 4,3 MPa a 420°C. Manufacturing, supply and installation of 2 burners AVP 10 with AUTOFLAME  control  system.                                       09/2004

Cukrovary TTD  a.s. Dobrovice – Supply and installation of 4 regulation pcs and measuring ranges.                     

MEACONT Praha, s.r.o. – 4 pcs of AUTOFLAME E.G.A. flue gas analyzers, measuring range 0-21 % 02/4-20mA. 0-500 ppm CO/4-20mA, included an extended sampling probe (length 1 m, thread G1,5), without display unit.      

SYNEX CZ a.s.- Moravské sklárny Květná s.r.o. – Reconstruction of waste-heat boiler EGI, including piping, supply and installation of boiler  PMD 10/ 0,6 MPa.                                                                                                                         

Vojenská ubytovací a stavební  správa Brno.  – Repair of boilers and machinery equipment with boilers ČKD R 11,6 MW.

Repoline, s.r.o. – Reconstruction of boiler PK 21.                                    .                                                                  10/2004

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Prostějov – General repair of boiler BK 4.

Asanace spol.  s r.o. Medlov – General repair of boiler BK 8.                                                                          

Lamitek s. r.o. Litomyšl – Manufacturing of pressure accummulation tank with capacity 30 m3, pressure 2,3 MPa, calculated temperature 230 C°.                                                                                                                             

Dalkia Česká republika, a.s. – Replacing two boilers with  AUTOFLAME MM MK 6.