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Assemblies and supplies

  • We perform the assembly of investment units in the form of a piece, final or general supply
  • We carry out reconstructions of boiler rooms for all types of fuels
  • Routine repairs and reconstruction of boilers
  • Greening (ecologization) of coal boilers
  • We perform assembly, repairs and reconstruction of gas distribution systems, steam, hot water and other media from the steel materials class 11 - 17 or plastics
  • We perform assembly, repair and reconstruction of boiler room accessories, for example.: water management, water treatment, gas/steam control stations, mixing stations, heat exchangers, economizers, air heaters, water heaters, etc.
  • We also install cogeneration units, gas emitters(radiators) and hot-air heating
  • We carry out professional inspections of boilers
  • We provide a consulting service in the solution of reconstructions and the construction of new boiler rooms
  • We provide the technical expertise in the field of boilers operation, pressure vessel and industrial power engineering
  • Revision of gas, boilers, pressure vessels and electrical
  • We provide training of operators, boiler attendants, knowledge control and compliance with the regulations of the operating regulations.

Malt roaster, Poland.JPG Filter for ČD, Česká Třebová.JPG Overhaul of the Praga 8 boiler, Uherské Hradiště.JPG General repair of grid R 25, Nymburk.jpg Standby boiler room with OKP 25 boilers.JPG Standby boiler room with OKP 25 boilers.JPG Boiler installation VK 25.JPG Boiler installation VK 25.jpg Flue gas boiler.jpg Cooling microturret.jpg Emulsion system.jpg Gasification of boiler room.jpg Afterburner units of aromatic hydrocarbons.jpg Boiler installation VK 12.jpg Malt roaster.jpg Boiler room - twice boiler OKP 20.jpg Boiler spreaders VK 12.jpg