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Limestone silo



Steel silos are intended for outdoor use for the storage of lime hydrate, which is used as the additive for the separation of acidic components (sulphur oxides SOX) from flue gas. The advantage of this solution is in the storage of large amounts of lime hydrate on relatively small area with fast and energy-efficient consumption. From the silos, the lime hydrate is dosed to the fuel additive site either mechanically, e.g. by the screw conveyor or pneumatically e.g. using pneumatic-conveyor.

Silo 4.jpgSilo 1.jpgSilo 5.jpg  

Technical description:

Silos are designed to store, preparation and dosing of lime hydrate. Their cylindrical design is finished with flat ceiling and conical bottom with its own supporting structure anchored to the concrete foundation. They are equipped with the exit ladder and the railing on the upside of the silos. For easy out-storage of the content of silo is used air-clarification technology and possibly electric vibration. Silos are also equipped with the blade cap, conveyor, dust filter, safety valve, access hole and limit probes.


Download: Limestone silo.pdf