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Flue gas boilers

Basic technical information:

A significant contribution to the savings of fossil fuels is also the produced wide output series of flue-gas boilers for the use of waste heat from various technological processes.

  • The flue-gas boilers are firetube or watertube and can be used up to 1100 °C.
  • The boiler output depends on the amount and temperature of the flue gas.
  • Hot water boilers are supplied in the output range 0.2 to 10 MW.
  • Steam boilers in the output range 0.1 t.h-1 to 50 t.h-1.

The flue-gas boilers are designed according to customer requirements and needs depending on the composition of the flue gas.

  • Construction and production of flue gas boilers is carried out according to the standards ČSN EN 12 952, ČSN EN 12 953.

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