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Noise silencer



Silencers of gases and vapors are designed to dampen the noise distributed from the pipe mouth during the expansion of gases and vapours into the open environment. They are used for dampen of blow-out of safety valves, blowing of the regulating armature during commissioning, during steam blowing or during steam pipe cleaning, etc. The main advantages include high noise attenuation and long operating life. The attenuation of the silencer is always optimized for specific environments, temperature and pressure.

                                        Tlumič hluku 1.jpg               Tlumič hluku 2.jpg


Technical description:

The shell of the silencer is cylindrical, made of metal sheet, with the arched bottom at the front. The absorbent filler consists of a durable sound-proofing material that is separated from the compressed media stream by a perforated sheet metal and durable fabric or a combination of perforated sheet, sieve and durable fabric. In the same design, the inner parts of the absorber are also made, which increase the achieved attenuation.

In the basic design, the silencer is equipped with the blow down plug, handling lugs and bottom ends for anchoring to the structure.

The pressure reducer is fitted at the inlet to the silencer, which ensures the equable drop pressure. Its design is depends on design pressures, temperatures and cleaning requirements (blowers).


Download: Noise silencer.pdf