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Steam generator - VVP


The flow steam generator type VVP is designed for production of steam with nominal working overpressure up to 1.2 MPa and temperature up to 192°C. It is exclusively designed for combustion of natural gas by low-emission burners. Its use is mainly in production plants with intermittent steam extraction or in single shift operations. It enables flexible regulation of the supplied steam with required parameters after start-up and its quick shutdown. VVP generators are presented with a small and simple installation and long reliability. All this supported by the largest 24-hour service background in the Czech Republic.

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The heat transfer surface is composed of two spiral seamless tubes. The inner spiral forms the combustion chamber and the outer spiral forms the second draught. In the upper part is a chamber with a smoke extension. Above it is removable lid with insulation and flange for burner. The heat transfer surface is insulated and sheeted.
The generator is equipped with an overpressure monoblock low-emission Weishaupt burner with continuous output control. The generator must be supplied with water according to the standard ČSN 07 7401.
The power supply includes a mechanical filter and a feed pump. There is a shut-off and check valve on the pump discharge. The steam outlet is equipped with a safety valve and a shut-off valve.
The generator is delivered in one piece, mounted on the frame. Automatic controller enables fully automatic operation from power supply, burner start, output regulation, signaling to shutdown. The automatic control unit with controls ensures all safety states prescribed for this device.  

Technical parameters:






Nominal steam output




Nominal pressure of saturated steam


0,3 - 1,2

Nominal steam temperature


142 – 192

Supply water temperature


85 - 105

Informative efficiency



Inlet pressure of natural gas


2 up to  20


Download: Steam generator.pdf