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Electro projection


Project activities in the field of electrical energy, projects for automation specializing in power current and measurement and regulation. In case of request, the delivery of the complete part of the electro. Preparation of project documentation of all stages of construction.

Processing of projects in AutoCAD and DraftSight Wiring.

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Our specialization is heat sources. Thanks to many years of experience, we are ready to process any other projects in the field of automation and measurement and regulation.

The advantage for the investor is the opportunity to use our experience. We will recommend improvements to the investor, which will bring him a significant reduction in costs, both during implementation and especially during operations. We always process the project so that safety, functionality and reliability are ensured for as long as possible and according to the latest ČSN standards.

We are interested in realized condition and functionality.

Part of the projects is also a drawing of the resulting state of the work performed. Only in this way is it possible to ensure efficient service and the possibility of further optimization of the whole system through improving technologies.

We provide revisions both default and regular and extraordinary.