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FLUE GAS silencer


Flue gas silencers are designed to dampen the noise spreading from gas boilers through the flue duct system to the chimney. They are designed exactly according to specific requirements. For condensing boilers it is also produced in stainless steel.

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Technical description:

The absorbers consist of the outer sheet metal cylindrical-shaped support shell on the front and back and are closed by annulus. The perforated sheet metal shim is fastened in the middle. The interlayer consists of metal wool with insulating mineral wool. For easy connection of the absorber (silencer) to the chimney is used the flange at the front and back side of the silencer. The silencer can be operated in vertical and horizontal position.


We also offer:

  • Expert assessment of the current state of the flue duct system and the design of the silencer
  • Calculation and design of the silencer
  • Delivery and installation of silencer or flue duct system


Download: Flue gas silencers.pdf