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Flue gas exchangers

Air heater with VPOV combustion chamber



The air heater is designed for indirect heating of technological air to the required temperature. It consists of a double-shell combustion chamber with flue gas recirculation fitted with a gas burner, a tubes flue gas exchanger with integrated bypass of heated air, from flue gas recirculation back to the combustion chamber and from the flue gas fan.

Flue gas exchangers


The double-shell combustion chamber is made of fire-resistant stainless steel and is equipped with a modern low-emission gas burner, which is designed for combustion of natural gas, propane, propane-butane, biogas.

For own heating of technological (drying) air occur in the tube exchanger, thanks to the flue gases from the gas burner.

The flue gas flows through the stainless steel tubes of the exchanger and transfers heat to the technological air. Part of the exchanger is a bypass of cold air, which is formed by a side valve. The heat exchanger is designed in a condensing design for maximum efficiency.
Equipment up to 1.6 MW heat output is assembled at the factory. Installations over 1.6 MW of heat output are assembled from individual units at the customer due to traffic restrictions. For the purpose of monitoring the operation is included a set of sensors necessary for monitoring the operating states, which are connected to the superior system.


Technical parameters:


Type VPOV 8 16 37 45
Nominal heat output MW 0,8 1,6 3,7 4,5
Fuel   Natural gas, propane-butane, biogas
Temperature of inlet air °C 20
Temperature of outlet air °C Up to 100
Max flue gas temperature °C 800


Download: Flue gas exchangers.pdf