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Service activity

Rolling stock

We provide service and regular boiler rooms maintenance, annealing and drying furnaces and other technological combustion plants not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also abroad for more than 200 regular customers. To cover not only the whole of the Czech Republic but also abroad we have several service cars that are fully equipped for service and assembly activities. A team of several service technicians ensures that our customers are as satisfied with our services as possible.


We provide service for repair and assembly of all burner manufacturers:

The most common are:

  • AVP
  • PBS
  • Walker
  • Kromschröder
  • and many others for example: Intercal Riello, Klöckner, Saacke, Viadrus, Ray, etc.



We perform on combustion plants:

  • complete exchange of control systems
  • service checks of the BOsB Gestra SpiraxSarco
  • service check of gas detectors
  • commissioning
  • comprehensive tests with the participation of TIČR
  • service during the warranty period and service after the warranty period

The conditions of warranty and post-warranty service are based on the nature of the operation of energy complexes. In case of technology failure, the service is provided by telephone agreement or according to the service contract. Post-warranty service is carried out on the basis of a service contract between two parties and the service conditions are agreed according to the needs of the operator of the equipment. For our most demanding customers, we are also able to ensure continuous service hold 24 hours in the Czech Republic when the technician leaves immediately after a telephone failure reporting.  Due to the speed and operationality of the service intervention, we keep many spare parts in stock. We also supply all spare parts for burners, boilers and other equipment such as automatics, gas valves, oil pumps, pressure and temperature sensors, servomotors, flame sensors, level sensors and other components that ensure and control the operation of combustion plants.   

Technical equipment

Our technical and professional background corresponds to more than 20 years of experience in the field of service provision and allows to provide these services at a high professional level. With the help of modern devices, we can determine the defect in the device very quickly and put the device back into operation or suggest another technical solution.







Martin Jurečka

Service Manager

+420 777 774 503

+420 581 201 398


Ing. Vendula Smékalová

Service Assistant

+420 777 774 504

+420 581 201 398


24 hours service (customers with a service contract)


+420 731 127 128