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Production of economizers



Economizers are energy devices that are mainly used for the preheating of supply water for steam boilers, preheating of inlet water for hot water boilers or for heating of technological  or  other water. The economizer is connected to the outlet of flue gas from the boiler to the vertical or horizontal flue gas stream usually in front of the air heater. During gas burning, can be also required condensing economizers.

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Technical description:

The economizer is the exchanger that uses low temperature waste heat to preheat the feed water for various boilers. This water heater consists of tube coils enclosed into chambers through which the heated water flows. Flue gas flows around these tube coils, from which heat is taken and used to heat the water flowing inside the tube coils. This increases the efficiency of all types of boilers by several %.

The economizer is either suspended in the boiler's draught usually in front of the air heater or is as the separate insulated and plated block on the flue gas outlet behind the boiler.

However, economizers can also be used as another source of hot flue gases, e.g. in technological furnaces.

We can do the assignment of the suitable economizer to individual types of boilers according to the specific requirements for the use of the economizer.

The dimensions and heating surfaces of economizers can be determined according to specific requirements for water heating or flue gas cooling.

Economizers are designed as one or two stages for calculated overpressure up to 6.5 MPa. Insulation and external plating can also be done during installation.


Download: Economizers.pdf