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Production of membrane walls



Membrane walls are an integral part of energy boilers, but so are equipment  in the chemical industry. The production of membrane walls is an integral part of the complex supply of energy equipment.

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Technical description:

In addition to the production of processing of accompanying documentation, certification, logistics of the membrane wall of boilers including the design and supply of hot and cold bandages.
The welding method for the production of membrane walls is used 121 welding under flux. Membrane walls are produced according to ČSN EN 12952


Tube diameter

standard 60,3mm, 51mm and others as required

Number of tube pieces in the membrane panel

standard 2 to 11

Tube wall thickness

min. 3mm

Tube material

Standard P235GH,  P265GH, 16Mo3 and others as required

Max. membrane panel width

standard up to 1140mm

Max. length of the membrane wall

up to 12,000mm, longer on request

Panel widths other than standard

installation by manual or automatic, welding by method 121 welding under flux or 135 / MAG

 Download: Membrane walls.pdf