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Transportable boiler rooms



Transportable boiler rooms are immediately usable heat sources in a container or as semi-trailers on a mobile chassis. They are usable  as both permanent energy sources and as a real replacement for a  stable  boiler room. Transportable boiler rooms can be used as temporary energy sources e.g. in case of failure of a stable boiler room or during planned maintenance of a larger scale. Mobile boiler rooms on their own chassis are designed for special technological applications, such as for  excavation-free  sanitation of sewerage system etc.


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Transportable boiler rooms are mobile units that are completely assembled in our factory and are transported to the place of installation. The boiler, wiring and all technologies are mounted on a steel frame, either in a container or on a trailer. Containers provide operational flexibility in installation by their concept. With this, we are able to respond quickly to the immediate needs of our customers. Mobile boiler rooms on their own chassis are also equipped with an electric power station and can be completely independent of external electrical energy.

Transportable boiler rooms are produced in all modifications, according to the customer's needs, according to the medium: hot water, hot water or steam - saturated steam, overheated steam and according to pressure: low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure. With power up to 19 MW.

The boiler is optionally equipped with gas, oil or combined burners both monoblockand  industrial according to the customer's requirements. Fully automatic combustion with continuous power control ensures safe and economical operation. All parts of the device are clearly arranged and easily accessible. The boiler room automatic provides a quick overview of all operating conditions of the boiler room.

Boiler rooms include running pumps, chemical water treatment plants, expansion and refuelling systems, power pumps, degassing supply tank, control and monitoring equipment and other necessary boiler room equipment for safe and reliable operation. The boiler and boiler room can be equipped with equipment for unattended operation 8 or 24 hours on the customer's request. The container cabinets are sheathed with ceiling and wall sandwich panels made of galvanized sheet metal with a colored spray of polyester varnish. All doors and openings that are necessary for easy access to the boiler room equipment and all are lockable.


Download: Transportable boiler rooms.pdf