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Projection and engineering activities

In addition to the development and processing of documentation for the production of technological equipment in the field of energy (Construction), we also offer the customer complete services in the field of  consulting, design and engineering activities from the initial study to the final building approval.

Professional consultancy and services

According to the needs and specifications of our clients, we process design concepts and feasibility studies of the investment plan, incl. studies of the proposed construction. We process professional calculations in the field of energy, such as energy audits, strength and thermal calculations, hydraulic calculations, calculations for proposals to increase boiler efficiency, etc.

Design activities

Based on the study we offer for all stages of implementation of the proposed project from the preparation of the project documentation:

  • for the issuing the territorial decision
  • for the issuing the building permit
  • for the implementation of the construction
  • for the selection of the contractor – tender documents
  • actual construction
  • for subsequent operation – operating manuals, regulations



Engineering activities

We provide complete services throughout the project implementation from pre-project and project preparation, through our own construction to the handover of the building, which is ready for use.

  • procurement of input documents within frame of pre-project preparation
  • ensuring the aspects, statements and credentials of the authorities concerned, transport and technical infrastructure administrators and other parties to the proceedings
  • discussion of the project with the competent authorities of the state administration while ensuring the authorisation process in the territorial and construction proceedings, drawing up and submitting applications and securing the permits needed for the construction
  • performing of the author and technical supervision of the construction
  • securing the building approval or the final building approval

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